How To Get More Likes & Retweets On Your Shares

We have all seen countless articles about it. It’s always present, and people try to solve this algorithm over and over again. I am of course talking about the highly illusive guaranteed way to get more likes and retweets on your shares. There are literally thousands of posts out there that says they have the ultimate solution for getting more of everything when it comes to social media interaction, if I may be so bold as to put it all in one sentence. They try to sell you applications, schemes and guides, and they try to get you to use their “proven” method to assure a 100% hit rate. I hate to tell you this, but there is only one way to completely level the market at your feet and bend it to your needs and expectations.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am going to tell you the secret everyone is after. You need to work hard, interact and connect. Yup, that’s all it takes. Or, there is a better way to explain it really. Just have a look at this… “guide” from Oatmeal, and it will be clear what you will have to do in order to get some good action on your accounts. It works for pretty much any kind of social media approach, so I guess we could call it a “Universal Social Media Guide,” right?

Basically, ask people you have connected and networked with to help you get the message out about your sharings. Share their stuff. Beg them to like you, and let them beg you for help should they need it. It’s the law of the jungle out there, and the more you realize that personal contact is key, the sooner you will feel right at home asking people you know to pass it forward. So, according to this hilarious image, it’s all about the begging. Of course, it’s all a joke and should really be quite the opposite, but there is so much truth in it that it almost makes it even more badass. There’s nothing wrong in asking a few friends to help retweet or like something, but don’t make it an everyday agenda. People will like you because they like what you share, and people will retweet you because they want to share the goddies that you tweet. Simple as that.


Via: [Neatorama]