What To Post To Get More Likes On Facebook [Infographic]

The Bit Rebels Facebook page has recently become a boiling pot of conversation. It’s nice to see that many of you who visit us here at Bit Rebels also take the opportunity to check us out on Facebook. We share and post a lot of geeky stuff over there that we don’t feature here on the website. Engaging people is a science, and we’re just starting to figure you guys out. So how did we do that? We simply tried to figure out what you like in order to get more likes and engagement.

By the looks of it, we seem to have succeeded in somewhat pinpointing what it is that you like to see. We’ll be expanding our content types on Facebook (and on all of our social networking outlets) soon, so we also looked into what to share and post in order to get more likes and engagement. It seems like I am repeating myself when I write about Facebook and how to get more likes since I have touched this topic so many times before.

If you are new to Facebook (if anyone can be new to Facebook nowadays), it may not be easy to know what to post or how to post it in order to grab people’s attention. There are plenty of guides and infographics out there to help you secure a more engaging effort. One of those resources is an infographic called What You Should Post On Facebook To Get More Likes & Shares presented by Clear Copywriting.

This infographic takes a somewhat different approach when guiding you through the different content types you can post, and how to post them in order to drum up more interaction and engagement. It’s no secret that social media managers all around the world know how to capture people’s attention. Whether it is through a funny picture or a serious concern doesn’t really matter as long as it is captivating.

Trying to take a Facebook page or profile to success by posting stuff that will take people more than a few seconds to understand will turn out to be a huge fail. Instead, try and turn the tables and ask yourself what you would like to see in a Facebook feed. Chances are, your sense of humor, what you like in news and other content types are perfectly in line with your following. Keeping that in mind will increase the engagement and result in more likes and shares. That’s kind of why people like your Facebook page in the first place.

Being consistent and posting short and funny images, quotes and videos are perfect examples of what most people’s attention span is capable of handling during a busy day at work. Heck, they might even be looking for something to make them smile and laugh in order to stay motivated. Give them that opportunity on your Facebook page, and you will be destined for success. Don’t think it’s going to be an easy or fast path to success though. Building a large and engaging following takes time, consistency and a whole lot of planning and strategizing. The key word for success in social media is consistency, always.

Mastering Content Types To Get More Likes & Shares

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More Likes On Facebook Infographic

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