How To: Improve Your SEO With Twitter

If you have a website, if you’ve read about SEO, and if you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably heard tidbits here and there about how social media affects SEO. However, what exactly does that mean? Do you know?

It’s true that the search engines are taking social media into account, but it’s a little bit trickier than it may seem on the surface. In a nutshell, and this is a big nutshell, if you are trying to fake or automate your Twitter account in hopes of increasing your SEO without actually engaging your followers and building relationships, you will most likely be disappointed.

The reason for this is because Google takes into account the “author authority” of the person tweeting the link, and there is an SEO value associated with each Twitter profile that sends tweets. Similar things come into play with other SEO strategies, so it totally makes sense. So what determines your author authority ranking? There are several factors including how long your Twitter account has been active, how many followers you have, your following/follower ratio, the number of tweets you’ve sent, and the overall influence you have on Twitter (which is based on several factors including retweets and how influential the people are who follow you). It would be very hard to score high on all of these factors if your Twitter account is on autopilot all the time.

The best article I’ve read on this topic was published last month by Design By Soap. I highly recommend you check it out at How Does Social Media Affect SEO? You can also check out this SEO For Dummies article for more information. Design By Soap created this fabulous infographic to accompany their article on the topic. After studying this, you will probably have a pretty good understanding about how your social media links affect your own SEO.

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Improve SEO With Tweets

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