How To Make Money With A YouTube Channel

Do you already have a YouTube channel and what do you want to monetize or do you want to start a new one, but not only for the love of art, but also as an activity that generates income? Well, here is a good news: YouTube is an excellent option to start an online business.

Also, people think it’s a very attractive option to do it: creating a YouTube channel is quick, easy and free. However, you should have enough audience to earn decent money. Although it’s comparing pears with apples, I’d say that, in general terms, YouTube has a much greater potential than a blog.

You can easily see this in the consolidated YouTubers: only in US, there are already thousands of channels that exceed 100,000 subscribers. We are talking about channels that, in a few cases, get millions of views on their videos every month. As you can imagine, with these numbers, the money figures they handle are also satisfying.

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How Much Money Can Be Earned On Youtube?

The first thing you are wondering is how much money you can earn on YouTube. Like almost all generic questions like this, the answer to this question is very vague. It goes from zero to millions of euros/dollars per year.

Also, the amount of money you can earn on YouTube depends on many factors. The first thing you must understand is that there are many ways to earn money on YouTube. One of the most favorite way is through Adsense.

How To Estimate The Money A Youtuber Earns

Let’s start with the most used income channel on YouTube because it is the most immediate and easiest one. The online advertising system integrated into YouTube is Google AdSense. This is the easiest way because it is so simple that, once your channel meets certain conditions (which I tell you later in the section on Google AdSense) is basically activate AdSense in your account, configure a number of options and run.

AdSense revenues are also the easiest to estimate income thanks to the Social Blade tool that allows you to obtain a lot of information about your user, both YouTube and many other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. If we search, for example, “PewDiePie”, one of the most popular channels out there, Social Blade tells you the earnings estimates:

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You can see that the tool estimates revenues between $86.3K – $1.4M per month for this channel. You will wonder why the range is so wide. The answer is simple. It is because it varies a lot depending on several factors, such as the thematic niche and the country in which the video is viewed. Therefore, the tool can only make an approximation with a CPM (the amount per thousand reproductions) of between €0.25 and €4.

In any case, with $1 CPM, PewDiePie earns around $345,000 per month. Pretty good, right? In short, we could say that it is realistic to think that, in well-monetized channels, revenue reaches or even exceeds the top of the range in Social Blade.

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However, in order to pass the monetization rules, you should have 10K views, 4000 watched hours views, and at least 1000 subscribers. That is why sometimes it is essential for beginners to buy YouTube views on reliable services such as YoutubeGrow just for passing the monetization process.

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