How To: Recruit Top Talent Using Social Media [Part 2]

As anyone might understand, recruiting new talent to your company is a science and a lot of attention to detail is needed in order to find the perfect hire. This is the second part of my micro series which follows the entire hiring process from beginning to end. In this part, I will be taking a closer look at the channels you could use to find your applicants, and where to spread the awareness of the open position you’re advertising. Using social media is one of the most cost effective approaches you can choose when you are advertising your position. Depending on your influence and reach on whatever social networking service (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) you’re using, it’s relatively easy to get great a return for the time you spend getting the word out.

As described in part one of this micro series, it’s important that the noise coming off your brand is relative to what you are doing. That way, you will have done half the work already and can focus on finding awesome people that will fit the job description you’re putting out there.

Guru has a simple guide that will take you through the process of getting the word out, targeting the best applicants and the process by which to engage them. It is all presented in a small and simple 3 step infographic. Make sure that your social media services are well represented on your site so it’s easy for your visitors to find, discuss and approach the job opening that you have made available. It’s one of the cheapest ways to get the word out, and while people discuss the job opening, it will attract more people who are interested.

The more you broadcast the fact that your company is hiring, the greater the buzz will be. Using all the available and relevant social media channels will ultimately save you big bucks if your campaign is well organized and planned.

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Social Media Hiring Process Infographic