5 Examples For How To Use Twitter To Drive Sales [Infographic]

There are lots of ways to use social media to drive sales to your business. We’ve featured articles about how to do that with Pinterest and Facebook, but not so much with Twitter. There is a perception that Twitter is not as useful for driving sales, and that’s understandable since there have been so many studies which have pointed to Twitter’s lower CTR and to the fact that customers derived from Twitter are less ‘valuable.’ However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

This infographic called How 5 Top Brands Are Using Twitter To Drive Sales (by Wishpond) gives some very specific examples for how a few companies are using Twitter to make a huge impact and drive sales. These companies include Etsy, Marketo, lenovo, Bonobos and Paramount Pictures.

When you look at the challenges these companies faced and how they were able to solve them and drive sales specifically with Twitter, it seems so easy. None of these solutions are complicated, and they all made a huge impact. Paramount Pictures was able to generate 1 million dollars in advance movie ticket sales, and their opening weekend was 52% larger than it would have been without the impact of their Twitter campaign. That’s a huge number!

Bonobos also experienced a huge return when they used Twitter to drive sales. Not only did they pick up 100 new first-time buyers, but they were able to establish a 1,200% ROI on their campaign. You can read this infographic to get inspired by all five of these success stories. So next time you decide to use social media to increase your company’s sales, don’t shrug off Twitter because you think a Twitter campaign won’t work. You might find that the opposite is true. You might have the same success or more than what these five companies experienced!

5 Examples For How To Use Twitter To Drive Sales

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