Pinterest vs Facebook: Which One Drives The Most Sales? [Infographic]

Every new social networking service dreams of the same success that Facebook has enjoyed since their start. As we all know, few have come close to this giant social platform which over 1 billion people are connected to. At one point, it was speculated that Twitter would give Facebook a run for their money, but that turned out to be expectations set too high. Quora had a good start too, but it faded off quite quickly. So what social media platform can really match Facebook’s success? The one platform that always comes to mind is of course Pinterest. This wonder child of pictures and boards continues to break Facebook’s old records, and when we’re faced with a Pinterest vs Facebook comparison, we are not so sure who will win.

After Facebook was introduced to the stock market, there were far and wide speculations about whether Facebook would be able to increase their revenue and present positive results annually. The initial progression was, as we all know, grim to say the least. But since their introduction, they have been able to ricochet back to a quite impressive result this year. But will Facebook be able to sustain their revenue stream with new and innovative ideas, or should we turn elsewhere to invest our hard earned money?

When it comes to growth, Pinterest is way ahead of Facebook right now. Pinterest is growing at an almost alarming rate, and pretty much every statistic points it upwards and ahead of Facebook. Suddenly a Pinterest vs Facebook comparison becomes a little more clear. Pinterest is about to give Facebook a run for their revenue money.

A fresh infographic from Boticca called 5 Things We’ve Learned About Pinterest vs Facebook delves into the numbers to try and shed some light on just which service would help us make the most revenue from our marketing.

Just by looking at the statistics presented, you’ll get a sense of a strategic shift. Brands want to make more money, and they will turn to the social networking platform that will serve them the best. At this moment, it is actually Pinterest. The average user on Pinterest spends $180, while Facebook users don’t even spend half that amount. The sound advice would be to put more attention on Pinterest when you’re putting together your marketing plan. Pinterest vs Facebook might seem like an odd comparison considering Facebook has so many more users than Pinterest does. However, when it comes to marketing the statistics are quite clear.

The fact is that 10% of Pinterest users were influenced to buy something when browsing the site. Facebook, on the other hand, only influenced 7% of their users to commit to buying something. Again, the Pinterest vs Facebook comparison is won by the up-and-coming giant social networking service called Pinterest. The question is, will we see people and brands starting to migrate from Facebook to Pinterest? I mean, Facebook marketing is still, and will always be, incredibly important. Personally, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon, but with the rate that Pinterest is growing, there is no saying where it will all end. Are there enough people in the world to support two social networking services with over 1 billion users each? I guess this Pinterest vs Facebook comparison only gives us a small part of the answer to that question. The rest will have to be proven by the future features launched by both Facebook and Pinterest. If you had to choose one, which would you choose?

boticca’s Pinterest vs Facebook Infographic


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