How We Might Share Too Much Online [Infographic]

A couple years ago, social media was on everyone’s mind, and it still is. Twitter had just become a huge deal, and we all started extensively using networking services all around the globe. A new addiction was born, and if you had it, you quickly became the go-to place for the latest and greatest news and content. Whether or not that was a good thing we’ll have to debate; however, you could always trust that a social media addict had what you were looking for. I can imagine a lot of people missed out on a lot of things because of their addiction. It’s not an easy one to just cut off, especially when mobile phones started hosting our favorite apps which further increased our already huge consumption of social media.

People started sharing their entire lives online and didn’t really care about the consequences of it. I mean, there has been a lot of news about people’s jealousy, rage and whatnot when it comes to what other people are doing in their lives and then sharing. The nonstop usage of mobile apps has more then likely lead to several deaths not only in traffic accidents, but accidents involving pedestrians as well. Still we consume social media at an ever increasing rate.

So are we possibly sharing too much of our lives online? Are we putting ourselves in a position that we never wanted to be in in the first place? A classic example is when someone leaves their home and then tweets it or makes a status update about it on Facebook. For a burglar, it’s just the message he’s been waiting to get. They are quick, skilled and will clear out a house in a matter of minutes.

There are of course other examples as well, but this one should serve well as a reminder for just how important it is to keep some things off the Internet. Another perspective is the sharing of your party stories, your love life and other more personal things. What people don’t realize is that any employer could easily look you up on any of your social networking profile pages. Some people think that you are safe just because you have your profile page set on private. But how could you know if your employer acts as someone else in order to get approved onto your profile?

There are a lot of different scenarios when your most private messages, pictures and stories are the focus of sneaky eyes. A fresh infographic called Are People Sharing Too Much Online? created by Online Education goes deeper into what you shouldn’t share or put on the Internet. It’s a great little guide for anyone who feels they want to secure their personal life just a little bit better, yet they don’t really know what they should and should not share if they want to feel completely safe.

If you don’t feel like carrying this infographic with you your entire life, there are a few quite straight forward things you can do in order to feel a little bit more secure. If you have doubts about putting something online, it’s probably a good idea not to. If you feel stress over the fact that people can tag you in photos, there is usually a setting in your profile dashboard on your preferred social networking service that will enable you disable people from tagging you entirely. If you want to feel even more secure, which some people have suggested a million times by now, just don’t use social networking or social media altogether. That should keep most of your private stuff off the Internet.


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