How To Measure Your Content Marketing ROI [Infographic]

Each time a new form of online marketing becomes popular, the question of ROI comes up. As a marketer, you know how important it is to calculate your marketing ROI, but sometimes that can be tough. Successful marketers are able to track data, statistics and ROI like a pro, and they know how to interpret those numbers just as well. These days, there are so many tools to help track these things that it just comes down to choosing the best one.

When social media became popular, everyone talked about the ROI and the different ways to track it. With content marketing, it’s the same thing. Content marketing was all the buzz in 2012, and people are still trying to figure out how exactly to measure the marketing ROI of things like blog posts, sponsored articles, SEO, press releases, and everything that falls under the umbrella of content marketing. Your content marketing efforts can really help with your website’s SEO, so it’s well worth the time it takes to understand its full value.

Usually what I try to explain to people who are interested in some sort of content marketing on Bit Rebels is that it’s not all about the clicks. Just because clicks to your website are the easiest to track, that doesn’t make it effective to use clicks as the sole success indicator of your content marketing ROI. In my opinion, that is short-sided thinking since there are so many other factors to consider.

This infographic called How Do You Measure Content Marketing? (by Brandpoint) does a great job of illustrating the big picture as it relates to measuring the success of your content marketing campaign. I find it interesting that they put awareness in the first category, and the pageviews/clicks in the second category. It just highlights once again how powerful social media is when it comes to attracting new customers. I thought this was well put together, and I hope you enjoy it. You can read more about content marketing ROI by clicking over to How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Content Marketing.

How To Measure Your Content Marketing ROI

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Via: [Infographic Journal]