Instagram Features Many Don’t Know About

Today everyone is on Instagram and so are you. But do you feel like a small account, especially when compared to the those which post a little thing and get thousands of likes? Surely you do, everyone wants to be Instagram famous. But you can probably only do the basics. There’s nothing to worry about this or to feel discouraged about. Social media platforms are always changing in ways which can make it difficult to navigate even for experienced users. But if you want to win big on Instagram, then here are some hacks and features which will help you along the way.

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You Can Delete Comments On Your Own Posts

Sounds simple right? But it’s a thing which many don’t know about. To get this done, you will just have to touch the speech bubble which is located just below the post. Then you will have to swipe left on the comment and then select the trash can symbol therein. You can use this to keep inappropriate comments out of your posts. You can also use these methods to delete your own comments too. So if you say anything out of anger and frustration, but don’t want it to stay forever then this is the way out.

You Can Organize Your Posts

If you ever wished that to group tour favorite posts by a theme or style, then making a collection is the way to go. To do this, first, you will have to tap on the bookmark symbol which is present under the posts. Now, head over to your profile. There, above your photos, you will find a row of icons. There you tap on the bookmark button which is present on the far right. After that, choose the Collections tab and then tap on the + icon located right at the top to make a new collection. After you name the collection, hit Next and select any of the save images which you want to add to your collection. To finish, press Next again.

How To Manage Your Filters?

It’s common to not like every filter there is. There are some which could have used but don’t want to do so now or vice versa. There are actually some filters which allow more engagement from the audience. So to organize your filters better, just make a new post and then go to the filter page like you usually do. Then swipe through the filter list until you reach the very end. Then click on the manage button. This will take you right to a page where you will be able to reorder all the filters.

Now, you will just have to click on the 3 parallel gray lines which are located right next to the filter and then drag those down or up to arrange or rearrange them. The check mark on the right will let you hide them.

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