Most Instagrammed Animals – Can You Guess? [Infographic]

Instagram has become globally popular as a platform where users share snippets of their daily lives in the form of pictures of their food, clothes, pets etc. Also, it is an excellent platform for documenting your travels, and since travel often involves encountering wildlife and exotic fauna, one of the most popular categories of images shared on Instagram comprises of animals. Here is an interesting infographic that talks about the most Instagrammed animals who have a massive fan following.

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What Are The Most Instagrammed Animals?

According to this compelling infographic by True Luxury Travel, man’s four-legged best friend also tops the list of the most Instagrammed animals. With a whopping 138,672,934 images of dogs shared on the platform, it is evident that dogs are indeed the most loved animals on the planet. Second on this list of the most Instagrammed animals are cats, another furry species that is adored by pet lovers around the globe. However, not too far behind are more exotic species of fauna, that are often captured in the wild by travelers. These popularly Instagrammed animals include pandas, tigers, lions, and bears.

As confirmed by Business Insider and Lifewire, accounts of pet dogs and other domesticated animals often gain a lot of internet fame in the form of millions of followers. These pets are so famous that Instyle Magazine has even curated a list of the Instagrammed animals that you need to follow. However, Instagram is also flooded with millions of pictures of all kinds of wild animals, ranging from majestic giraffes to impish monkeys.

[pullquote]Thanks to the increasingly improving quality of smartphone cameras, even travelers who are not into professional photography are able to capture stunning pictures of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.[/pullquote] While travel wildlife photography was something that was formerly reserved only for those carrying heavy DSLR cameras with enormous lenses, it has now become one of the most popular genres of photography for even the beginners in the field.

Thanks to this trend, one can enjoy striking images of colorful butterflies from Africa, fuzzy Koala bears from Australia, and the regal huskies from Siberia, with the click of a button. As stated in the infographic, this list of the commonly Instagrammed animals is pretty exhaustive, and essentially, travelers are bringing wildlife from different parts of the world to your screen.

Thanks to luxury tour operators such as True Luxury Travel, one can now travel to hidden destinations that enclose untarnished natural splendor. With some of the most pristine natural habitats now accessible to the tourists, the list of Instagrammed animals is bound to grow even larger. As long as the wanderlust remains in the hearts of the lovers of nature, one can expect a riot of colors on their Instagram feeds, brought to the screens by the diverse wildlife of planet Earth.

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Most Instagrammed Animals Statistics Infographic