Interactive Headstones: Bringing Technology To The Cemetery

I know this is a morbid thought, but what if we schedule some tweets, and then we die, and those tweets go out afterwards on schedule? They’ll literally be tweets from a ghost. I remember when Richard wrote about Webwill which is a service that streamlines all our social media so when we die someday, our prewritten last Facebook status and last tweet will go out to everyone. It’s creepy to even think about this stuff, but as social media becomes more and more popular, it will eventually be something we all think about, right?

What about adding a touch of social media to your headstone? Have you ever thought about doing that? Quiring Monuments, a headstone manufacture, recently took social media, QR codes and death, and mixed them all together. They’ve created a custom little bar code sticker that anyone can order for their headstone. When people are walking through the cemetery, they can scan the code with their mobile device and be redirected to a website where they can leave a special message, a poem, upload pictures, share memories, etc… Since it’s only a sticker, it can easily be changed through the years as technology changes.

Since these stickers only cost between $65 and $150, I think it’s a great way to add additional memories, social media and technology to a headstone. I wish my Dad had one of these on his headstone. That way, instead of crying when I visit him, I would probably laugh at all the stories and pictures that his Navy friends uploaded when they visited. The more I think about this, the more I like it. You can learn more about these QR codes at Living Headstone. Thank you to my friend @ArveyColumbus who sent a tweet about this, which caught my attention.

Bring Technology To The Cemetery

Bring Technology To The Cemetery

Via: [Print Media Center] [The Star] Header Image Credit: [Losevsky Pavel / Shutterstock]