Internet Marketing Trends Ready To Take Off In 2013 [Infographic]

The important task of marketing your product, service or brand during 2013 is of course vital for any company’s success. Most companies have taken to the Internet to unleash their marketing campaign. Why is that? As traditional advertising grabs less and less attention from people, the Internet continues to be a great platform which allows for an unlimited amount of creativity. But Internet marketing trends and strategies change each year, and 2013 is not going to be an exception to that rule. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of new trends that are going to take off during this new and exciting year. A solid strategy for any company or brand would be to check out and at least keep an eye on these new Internet marketing trends so they don’t miss out on any of them.

Social media has been an ever growing tool when it comes to online marketing, and this trend is definitely going to continue during 2013. We are going to see consumers becoming the marketers, which means we will have to have a good relationship with our customers. It’s easy to think that having more likes on your Facebook page will gain you more influence. However, the reality is that numbers won’t matter as much as communication in 2013.

Compare it to having 100,000 fans on Facebook and each one is an average person who doesn’t really share too much. That’s not going to influence your marketing efforts to any extent of the imagination. However, if you have connected with a few really influential people on different social media platforms, you can reach millions and millions of people within a blink of an eye. The Internet marketing trends are pointing in this direction, so we might as well start networking for real now.

When it comes to the Internet marketing trends for companies and their own efforts, we’ll see a continued shift. Brands are going to move away from display ads like banner ads tracked by impressions and clicks. Instead, they are going to start paying for content such as paid, honest reviews and press releases. Google has even admitted that press releases get a higher ranking than regular content does. Maybe they want to make sure businesses keep Google’s own revenue streams occupied during 2013. All signs suggest just that.

Social live broadcasting (or social TV) is going to become huge in 2013. It’s getting more and more important to be seen, and people want to be able to affect real time conversations through live TV broadcasts and social discussions through hangouts and hashtag live tweeting. An example of this is Jessica Northey‘s intensely popular 24/7 Twitter livechat #CMchat and #Twangout.

There are a ton more Internet marketing trends that are going to take off during 2013 also. A few of them have been compiled in an infographic by TwinEngine called Social Media Marketing Takes Flight In 2013. It’s a 13-point strong list of Internet marketing trends that will keep you ahead of the game. If you would like to read more about all of these trends, there are plenty of resources at your disposal if you just do a simple search on Google for any of the trends listed. Social media is going to become more and more important in marketing. Don’t miss out by not considering any of these Internet marketing trends. It could very well mean the difference between success and failure for your brand in 2013. Are you ready for your business to take off in 2013? Then these Internet marketing trends are all for you!

TwinEngine’s Internet Marketing Trends In 2013

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