How To Stand Out When Job Hunting Using Social Media [Infographic]

One of my favorite topics when writing about infographics is when I get to delve into the world of job hunting. It’s become one of the most optimized endeavors you can ever undertake on the Internet. The way the Internet has changed how we find a new job is as revolutionary as when the home computer entered our homes. Refining one’s skills when it comes to job hunting isn’t exactly hard, but there are several things people sometimes neglect to think about.

With the introduction of social media, job hunting has changed from writing long and tedious resumes on paper to having your own editable online profile which you can use for all your job applications. The extremely optimized approach of social networking turns job hunting into a networking event that is so far away from the old ways we used to try to get employers interested in us. Now we basically just have to make sure we present our skills in as creative and professional way possible. Even just being present on social networking services like LinkedIn can land you a job offer seemingly from out of the blue.

So what tips can someone like me give people who are now job hunting online and using social media as their pipeline? Well, I am probably not the one to ask per say since I have always created my own job opportunities as an entrepreneur, but with the help of a fresh infographic, I am going to try and refer a few tips that might come in mighty handy when you’re undertaking your job hunt using social media.

The infographic is called Job Hunting? Here Are 10 Social Media Tips To Help You Stand Out, and it’s presented by Reed Specialist Recruitment (design by Aran Jackson). It relays some very useful tips in a descriptive list that will have you network and undertake job hunting using social media in a way you probably haven’t optimized yet. I once read that trying to find a job online, or even getting recruiters to notice you, is an all out networking endeavor. You will have to present yourself to people in key positions that will help recruiters find you. It might sound like a difficult and time consuming endeavor, but your effort will be well worth your time.

Reed Specialist Recruitment’s Job Hunting Infographic


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