KickFollower – An Instagram Growth Agency You Will Love [Review]

Leave it to us to have done some of the research on this Instagram growth agency for you. You’ll thank us in the end for bringing KickFollower to your attention, so we’ll just say, “You’re welcome” now. Now, with that out of the way, read on to see what we found out about KickFollower.

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KickFollower’s Process – Couldn’t Have Been Easier

We went through the sign-up process, started working with KickFollower, and started seeing growth. Here’s how it all went down.

1. The Beginning

Signing up for KickFollower’s services really was simple and straightforward. They asked for all the applicable and important information: first name, last name, email address, IG account name, and IG account password (don’t freak out—this is normal to give your password, and we’ll talk more about it later). They also ask for target audience information, like the type of followers to target, competitors’ accounts, target hashtags, and the type of engagement wanted.

2. Kicking Into Action

KickFollower’s services start immediately by REAL humans. Why do we emphasize real? Because a lot of agencies will use bots to get your followers. Bots are bad and banned from IG. With KickFollower we didn’t get just one living, breathing human person dedicated to our account, we got two! One was our IG growth expert, who, based on the package we chose, followed, unfollowed, liked comments, posted comments, and/or viewed stories on our behalf

KickFollower’s growth experts know and follow the rules and restrictions for the amount of interactions you can do on Instagram. We LOVE this because it means our account stays safe, free, unrestricted, and unbanned.

3. Watching The Numbers Grow

You don’t want numbers for number’s sake. There’s no point in having followers who don’t relate to your content—all that will do is give you a stagnant account. You want followers who will engage with your page, share your content, and spread the word. Your followers need to be relevant to your account.

KickFollower will work with you to understand your target audience and your account and will then go out and find the most appropriate followers for your account. If your IG niche is teenage boys playing video games, you don’t want female-identifying fashionistas to follow you. You want followers who are interested and relatable with your content.

4. There’s One Thing KickFollower Doesn’t Do

KickFollower does not post content on your IG page for you. This is your brand, with your voice, and no one except you knows it best. You’ll be busy creating content, and KickFollower will be seeking your target audience, liking, and posting comments, viewing stories, and other activities. There’s another thing KickFollower doesn’t do and that’s going outside of the engagement parameters set forth by IG. KickFollower follows the rules, so your account doesn’t get banned.

5. Nothing Beats The Customer Support

When we hand over our money, we want to make sure it’s going to a company that will support us. KickFollower proved to meet our high expectations for customer service. We were able to reach our account manager easily when we had questions or issues, but the cool thing is that KickFollower has a global team, so if our dedicated account manager was offline, we were still able to reach someone. They are available by email and live chat.

6. Finding Information And Monitoring Your Growth

Your dashboard is the go-to area for data and growth monitoring. We thought it was a lot of fun to get into our dashboard daily to see who our new followers were, the number of posts KickFollower did on our behalf, our total number of followers, and how many other IG accounts KickFollower started following for us.

You can see the numbers by week, month, or year, and we loved how detailed the data was.

The dashboard is also the area where we could update our target audience info, target hashtags, and competitors to follow.

7. Behind-The-Scenes Analytics And Security

Computers are wonderous analytical machines, and KickFollower uses their capabilities to the fullest. They can analyze what’s been working to get you growth and what didn’t. Based on the reports you get, you and your account manager can work to adjust your plan to get the most growth.

We mentioned previously that you have to give your password so that KickFollower can log in to your account. When you give this, it’s put on a 256-bit encrypted server (the highest industry standard), but it’s deleted just as soon as KickFollower no longer needs it. Plus, once they’ve logged in, you can change your password to something new.

8. A Partnership With KickFollower

KickFollower tells it to you straight: you’re not going to get a million followers overnight (and if any company tells you so, run far, far away). We appreciate their honesty, and the fact that they want to do a good job for you. They want to find the most relatable accounts and the right followers who will give you the real, organic growth that sustainable. This kind of growth takes time and the longer you partner with KickFollower, the better your growth will be.

Hire Them And You’ll Love Them Too

KickFollower ticks a lot of boxes will all the good things they do. We love their customer service, we love their honesty, we love that the people that work there love their jobs. We’ve continued our services with KickFollower, and we hope you will give them a try as your IG growth agency.

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