6 Ways To Say Thank You On Social Media [Infographic]

On social media, there are many ways you can help other people progress. Advice and tutorials are of course among the most common ways to help someone understand how social media and networking works, but there are also more instant ways to impact someone’s progress. It has come to be called “social media reciprocation,” and many people try to do their best to return the favor if someone has retweeted a tweet, shared a blog post or even just helped out with some advice. It’s a common occurrence, and if you have been using social media for a long time, you are most likely familiar with it. Today I would like to venture a little bit further down that road and investigate some ways to say thank you on social media.

Sure, you could just plainly tweet, message or tell the person thank you, but you want to return the favor by utilizing your own influence as well. So what are the ways to say thank you on social media? There are quite a few different ways, and there’s most likely more than the 6 ways we are going to cover in this article today. These ways we are going to cover are compiled by Vital Design and brought to us in the form of an infographic.

It is called Six Ways To Say Thank You On Social Media, and it will take us through some different ways to say thank you on some of the most popular social media platforms available to us today. If you know of a way that is not covered by this article or infographic, please don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below. Our readers and of course we would more than love to hear your approach.

On Twitter, for example, there are plenty of ways to say thank you, but a simple shout out in order to present him or her to your own followers should do the trick just fine. Just remember not to pack a billion different usernames into one single shout out. It’s bad social media manners to do that, and it can hurt you and the people you name more than do good.

On LinkedIn, you can now endorse people’s skills, and it is only one of many great ways to say thank you on this professional connection network. The thing with endorsements is that you allow the person to use your influence as a professional recommendation of his or her skills to the employees who see it. It’s a great way to say thank you.

There are plenty more ways to say thank you presented on this infographic, and I suggest you scan through it and incorporate it into your own daily social media use. People recognize kindness before action, but when combined, it’s an unbeatable combination that will not only leave a lasting first impression, but also a knowledge that you know about the ways to say thank you on social media. This in turn will lead to more people engaging with you since they will know you are always kind enough to reciprocate the kindness shown to you.

Vital Design – Ways To Say Thank You