Lance Armstrong | Interactive Campaign

Lance is a symbol of hope and courage for people living with this terrible disease, said Scott MacEachern, Nike General Manager for LIVESTRONG. This summer, we are encouraging people to actively join the fight against cancer and giving them innovative ways to spread that message to others.

Nike is giving people innovative social media tools to share their messages of hope and intent as they join in the global fight against cancer and are motivated to take action. Supporters can submit inspirational messages online or by text to a custom-made Chalkbot that will write those messages in yellow chalk on the roads of the Tour de France, following the cycling tradition of writing inspirational messages along the course. They will then receive an email with GPS coordinates providing the location where their message will be chalked.

The LIVESTRONG pages at, launched in June also featured new ways supporters can share their messages of hope and inspiration. A digital map of the Tour de France is the sites centerpiece, inviting supporters to create public profiles and then upload their own inspirational stories, photos and video.