Make Sure Your Social Media Campaign Is On Track [Infographic]

Executing a successful social media campaign is tricky and requires not only a lot of planning, knowledge and social media savvy, but also a little bit of luck that comes from good timing and “tweeting or facebooking at the right place at the right time” if you know what I mean.

We’ve seen a lot of examples of successful social media campaigns over the years, and if you need some inspiration, you can read a great article called 5 Awesome Examples Of Engaging Social Media Campaigns here. However, sometimes social media campaigns don’t go quite as planned, but that doesn’t mean they still won’t create a buzz in social media.

For example, you probably heard about the Walmart social media campaign that was supposedly sabotaged by Something Awful. But the question is, did it all really turn out that bad? You can see Pitbull’s response to it on YouTube and more about that story on Star Pulse. The same thing is happening right now with Shell’s social media campaign – or their fake social media campaign. Sure, it’s true that they are being made to look like bumbling social media idiots by some very talented pranksters, but isn’t there some value in all the press they are getting because of it? You tell me. You can read about that one on Forbes.

If you are in the midst of your own social media campaign, and if you want to make sure everything is on track, you will probably find this infographic called Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track? by Return On Digital helpful. Although it’s annoying that once again someone created an infographic with times listed but no time zones (which pretty much makes the times useless), it’s still a really well done graphic with a lot of great tips about the details that are important to remember. Enjoy!

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