Listiti – Google alert Meets Twitter Lists

Here is cool tool Listiti – Its a tool that enables you to get alerts when someone from your Twitter list Tweets an update.   Monitor Twitter Lists for keywords  Get free email alerts whenever a keyword appears in Twitter Lists of your choice.

The idea is pretty straight forward. Instead of being alerted whenever someone tweets something, with Listiti you can be alerted whenever someone belonging to a Twitter List of your choice tweets about something.  What is it for? Let’s say you want to be alerted whenever one of your local politicians is talking about a defined issue, or whenever an influencer in your industry is talking about your competitor, or whatever… possibilities are endless.

How often do I get an alert?

At the moment we only offer one mode: “hourly”. It means that every hour, we check if someone in the list has tweeted with your keyword. If so, an email is sent to you, if your keyword(s) didn’t appear in the list timeline, no email alert will be sent.

We will shortly offer digest modes. Stay tuned (you can follow us on twitter @listiti to keep in touch).

How to remove an alert?

In each email that you will receive, there is a link at the bottom that you can use to remove your alert.

How can I promote my Twitter List?

You can directly link to and it will prefill the above form so that your visitor will only have to enter the keywords and email address. You can even suggest keywords by adding them at the end of URL:

Who created the tool? Made by @xdamman, 25, web entrepreneur from Belgium who just moved to San Francisco.

He is very passionate about media and about how we can better broadcast voices that the world should hear.   Today it has become more expensive to cover stories on the ground than covering stories about Britney Spears. It’s time to change that.  He wants to develop the first market place for Real-time Reporters. Journalists or Reporters who want to cover stories on the ground using Twitter, be published and be paid by publishers.