Livescribe – Now You Don’t Need to Miss a Word!

When we are in meetings and need to take notes, some people prefer to just type it straight into their computers while others use the traditional method of a pen and a notebook. I prefer the latter. I was in a meeting last week and a friend Hans Chua introduced us to one of the coolest gadgets I have seen so far in terms of recording notes.

The gadget is called LiveScribe. From prehistoric cave walls and charcoal to the modern notebook and fountain pen, the human need for spontaneous self-expression through drawing and writing has endured.  However, paper and pen usage presents serious limitations in an increasingly digital world. Paper documents are static and difficult to share broadly. Written notes are susceptible to loss and damage. They suffer an inherent lack of connectivity; despite how rich the content on a piece of paper is, it is physically bound and limited. What’s missing is a way to maximize the freedom of expression and rich context afforded by pen and paper while delivering the connectivity, archiving system and “capture” capability of a computer. ~ Livescribe

We were given a demo after our meeting and it was really amazing what this technology can do and how it can make our lives much easier. The smartpen can also be synchronized with your computer so you can store your notes easily. You can even create music which makes it even more useful; no more boring time while waiting for a meeting to start.

Thank you @hanschua for sharing this with us.  The gadget is available for online purchase for US$299.00 and the dot notebook for US$12 each.