Making More Friends On Facebook As A Business [Infographic]

Users seem to spend less time on Facebook nowadays as mentioned in Diana’s article yesterday about Facebook’s decline. The reasons could of course be many, but companies around the world are still scrambling to make an impact with their Facebook accounts. Some are under the perception that more friends (fans) equals more impact, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In order to have influence on Facebook, you need to share content that is relevant to what your users are looking for and content that makes them want to engage and continuously interact with your other friends and fans. Without those two things, you can’t expect your Facebook presence to thrive. Making more friends is only good when you are actually making friends, if that makes sense.

Businesses operate differently than individuals do on Facebook, and there is a reason for that. The collaboration of the two has always been the ultimate solution, but marrying them has not always been easy. Making more friends as a business is not like making more friends as an individual. As an individual, you probably only become friends with people who you have met or want to meet. However, as a business, you want to make friends with people who you want to discuss your brand with.

As you quickly see, making friends as a business is not your usual click and chat endeavor. You need to provide content frequently, and interact with your friends as a group instead of each one as an individual. Connecting with each individual when you have 2,000+ fans or friends is, as you might understand, almost impossible. Instead, the way you have to approach it is to engage them with content that makes them want to talk about your business with each other. That way, you will be making more friends as a brand.

People hate to feel like they are a product or a number (as we have talked about before), but when it comes to content, you are the one who drives the communication whether you want to or not. If you don’t put down the work for the engagement to take place, little engagement will ever occur, little will be said about your brand, and making friends won’t happen at all.

In a fresh infographic presented by Ambassador called How Businesses Are Making Friends On Facebook, we get an in-depth look at just how companies are able to engage with their friends and fans. What every brand owner should know is that the people who are engaging in talking about your content become ambassadors for your brand, and they spread the word, so it’s important to always meet them with respect and a will to help. It’s the ultimate way of making more friends as a business.

Have a look at this infographic, and maybe you’ll get a few more tips about how you can go about making more friends and fans as a business. It seems there are two types of engagement that are king when it comes to social networking. They are of course interaction and content. If you master those two, there are no limits to what your brand can accomplish or how many new friends you can make. However, it’s one thing to share content and another to create content that is clever enough to live on and go viral. But with dedication and constant improvements, you will get there in the end. As I’m sure you understand by now, making more friends should not be your focus, interaction and relevant content should be your focus.

Ambassador’s Stats To Making More Friends On Facebook

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