Mind-Blowing Facts That Will Make You Use Email Again [Infographic]

I am the first one to admit that I don’t use email as much as I used to do. We here at Bit Rebels have found alternate ways to get instant replies from each other and communicate with our clients faster (and of course everyone we do business with). There is still that element of email in our workday, but when it comes to daily tasks, we have several different tools to help us optimize and speed up our communication. I can’t say it was the spam which lead us to optimize our approach, it’s just that there are so many different technologies out there that are way faster than email which work better for us. However, email is definitely still the standard. Have a look at these mind-blowing facts about email and you might change your opinion about email.

I know many people are starting to write off email now that social media is becoming more and more popular, but that would be a fatal mistake it seems. New research shows that 92% of Internet users use email as their primary way to communicate. That is not only mind-blowing but a staggering number of people and a statistic that clearly show that email is in no way about to be written off as a communication platform.

My personal reason for not using email as much as I used to is because I started to get “mobified” (which is what I call it). It means that some people don’t have the patience to wait for your reply anymore. It originally spawned from the use of mobile phones. Just because you have one, it seems some people’s mindset is that you should always answer it. But just because I have a mobile phone, it doesn’t mean I am always available. That’s what I feel when it comes to email too. If you send me an email and then call me to tell me you have sent me an email, what’s the point of the email in the first place? You know what I mean? That in itself is mind-blowing to me. Maybe this is what people feel when it comes to email these days too.

Maybe social media has replaced phone calls and emails combined, thus making email less appealing. The reasons could be many, but these 5 mind-blowing facts compiled by Wrike, Inc. could possibly change your mind (and mine) when it comes to the usage of email. I have to admit that these facts really are mind-blowing in their own way. I never thought for example that 92% of internet users were actually still using email in this social media day and age.

So maybe we shouldn’t write off email just yet. Sure, it has its flaws and the spam can become quite annoying at times, but its use still surpasses that of most communication tools over the Internet. These mind-blowing statistics are clearly proof of that. Are you using email as much as you used to do, or have you moved over to social media instead? What communication platform do you feel is the most appealing?

Wrike’s Mind-Blowing Research Statistics

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Via: [Love Infographics]