My Top 5 Reasons To Love Twitter

By now you’ve probably figured out that all the writers on this blog love Twitter. We are all Twitterholics in our own way, and we have formed close friendship bonds because of it. Twitter has become such an ingrained part of my day to day life; I really can’t imagine what life would be like without it.

I know that there is still a group of people in the world who don’t understand Twitter. I meet them every day. They are at my client’s offices, at restaurants, at the supermarket, they are everywhere you go. Although sometimes it seems like everyone is on Twitter, in reality, tons of people still aren’t. I even wrote an article about how to explain Twitter to these people: Explaining Twitter to Those Who Don’t Get It

Someone that is not on Twitter asked me a very simple question yesterday. She said, “What do you love about it so much?” What a great question.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love Twitter so much:

1. Blogging Ideas – I write more than one post each day, and thanks to Twitter, I’m never at a loss for what to write about. The inspiration on Twitter is powerful. If I watch the tweets in my stream, in less than 5 minutes, I’ll find an interesting topic to write about. Of course, I always give credit to the original person. I look at it as an RT, just on a much larger scale.

2. Friendships – The closest friends I have in my life are Twitter friends. Even though they may live far away geographically, they are very close to my heart. Unsure if you’ve got a good Twitter friend? Read this to find out for sure: 7 Traits Of A Good Twitter Friend My Twitter friends are very special, and I treat them that way.

3. Breaking News – I found out that Michael Jackson died before anyone in my non-Twitter life. Yep, it’s true. It’s not a big claim to fame; however, current events move at lightning speed and it usually breaks first on Twitter. There is no need to watch the evening news on television because by that time, it is old news, really.

4. It’s Fun & Inspiring – Twitter is simple, easy and just plain fun. Since there are no time zones on Twitter, there are always fun people to chat with and always inspiration right there on the computer screen. I can’t think of a better way to add some fun to the work day. I always have a smile on my face when I’m tweeting.

5. It’s FREE! – Sometimes I think we forget that Twitter is free. We get angry when Twitter goes down or when we get fail whaled, but hello… it’s a free service, who are we to complain, right? If tomorrow Twitter started charging money for its service, I would pay for it for sure. They say the best things in life are free, and that is true even with Twitter. ;)

There are also so many other reasons to love Twitter. These are just my top five. What are your reasons?

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