Online Photo Sharing: Comparing The Services [Infographic]

Once again, I fall short for how to compare the old times with the new. Not too long ago we used to put this little plastic thing into our cameras, and it contained something called film. Yup, I am not kidding, I promise. Nowadays we just slide in a small memory card, and it can sometimes hold thousands of high resolution images which means more time to take snapshots and less time having to switch film rolls every 24-36 pictures. We’ve had this new memory based system for quite some time now, and people have never before taken as many pictures as they are taking these days.

With the digital camera also came the online photo sharing services. When they were new, not many people understood the impact they would have on our lives. Why in the world would we share private moments with people who we have never met before? Well, that has become something we like to do, and there is a larger and much deeper aspect to why sharing pictures online is so life changing. However, what services are there? Which one is the best for us to use? That’s a question we ask ourselves when we first start out, and I even found myself doing that just a couple of weeks ago.

I found this quite informational infographic created by the always thorough Infographic Labs. In it, you can probably find every single answer that you might have a question for regarding online photo sharing and the services that exist. I am sure there are quite a few more, but these are probably the most successful and popular ones. If you just know what you are looking for, you should be able to choose one of these that will fit your needs. How many pictures would you say you share with the world each month? 10, 30 or perhaps more?

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Online Photo Sharing Services Infographic