The Inevitable Perception Of A Facebook Focus Meeting [Video]

Every social media website has to endure their share of puns, critique and occasional issues. But when it comes to Facebook, the world’s largest social network, the number of face slaps have been more than average. Maybe it’s because of their continuously innovative nature and their strive to try new, yet unprecedented, approaches. What comes with that though is the inevitable perception of what a Facebook focus meeting must be like, and how the users’ concerns are entirely neglected.

It’s not a secret or a surprise that Facebook’s own strategy is to launch features, with or without their users’ knowledge, and then only address what’s wrong with them if enough users complain about them. It’s really anyone’s guess just how a focus meeting must be like when Facebook tries to come up with new and innovative features. There’s no doubt they are highly creative, but one could question their ability to understand the user’s real purpose for being on the site.

Sometimes the sharing of personal information has shown to be mildly entertaining. Some features overtake previous privacy settings which leads to embarrassing and unintentional sharing of personal information. It’s something that Facebook has addressed several times, but they claim it is up to the user to tweak the social networking giant’s privacy settings correctly. That is often easier said than done. With the growing amount of stuff you can share on Facebook, the privacy settings “panel” grows with it. To find some common sense in all of it is usually a science that many people just don’t understand.

In an attempt to “understand” (and poke fun of) Facebook’s way of doing things, UCB Comedy put together a little video of just how a Facebook focus meeting might handled. I think anyone who has followed the latest news and trends when it comes to Facebook will get their opinions saturated by this quite hilarious video. Is it true or is it just another way of following the media and its opinions? I guess we’ll never know unless Facebook publishes their own video from an actual focus meeting they have had. The question is whether or not Facebook’s own privacy settings will prevent them from doing just that. Hmm…the irony!

UCB Comedy – Facebook Focus Meeting