Real Ways And Tips On How To Increase The Number Of Followers On Instagram

The most important number that you should monitor on your Instagram profile is how many subscribers you have. Nowadays Instagram with its dynamic feed is a complicated system where gaining the attention of more people is a hard task.

To be precise, your main concern is the number of active subscribers who will interact with your content and drive your engagement rate high. The real challenge here is that you can’t completely rely on cheap and simple methods of promotion. To make even purchased subscribers work, you have to put some effort into your strategy realization.

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Tips And Techniques For Getting More Followers On Instagram In 2022

Good Optimization

To make your profile discoverable for a wide audience, you should work on the optimization of your account. You need to create a complete reflection of what your blog is about and enter enough metadata for it to be found by the right public with the help of Instagram algorithms. You need to have a relevant username, as well as post captions and bio information, that is exposing the purpose of your blog. The nickname has to be spelled correctly and easy to remember and associate with you. In your bio, you should place the key information about you briefly, and optionally place an important link to another site.

Post Consistently At The Right Time

Consistent posting is a ground rule for success. To attract and retain people, you have to produce new content all the time. And uploading it randomly will hurt your progress. And it is best to have a developed schedule, to save time for more creativity. To understand when is the best time to post for you – do research based on the specifics of your target group. According to that data, you will find out the perfect timing and consistency of putting in new materials.

The only thing that can be measured regardless of any other obstacles – are stories. This format should appear before the eyes of your followers on a daily basis.

Plan Posts Ahead

Along with the proper timing, it will be very effective for your growth to use content planners and automatic posting services to keep up with your schedule. Even though the feed is dynamic (meaning the posts appear in the order of users’ interests), keeping them uploaded at the same time will help to retain the existing audience and secure constant activity on your profile. Besides, automatic uploading is a huge time-saver, as well as today there are many useful features in addition – those can help with analytics and optimization.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram

If you want to gain more followers, you should invest your time and efforts in all your social media accounts. Promotion on other platforms will be fruitful for all the profiles, as the flow of new eyes will come from both sides. To promote your Instagram successfully, you must make sure that each of your profiles provides exclusive information, with different values and specifics. This is the only way to motivate people to follow you on various networks. However, some platforms can be a great cooperation to use. Specifically, it’s TikTok and Instagram. You can use the cross-posting option to upload your videos from TikTok straight back to Instagram – redirecting your followers from TikTok here, and providing a good variety of content.


To attract more people, you have to be an active user yourself. Comment on interesting posts, enter discussions, like and share things you find engaging and useful for your audience, as well as connect with other bloggers. This way you can maintain the latest trends and use them as an additional tool for promotion.

Don’t sell your account with phrases like “look at my profile, I have something you would be interested in”. It will be much more effective to discuss what is on, leaving the choice to visit your page to the user. That’s why your nickname is important – it will point out what your blog is about, while letting you discuss various topics regardless of your niche.

Give Them Reason

To increase the number of followers, you have to give them valuable and original information. Or a dose of positive emotions. Anyway, motivate your viewers to become followers by providing useful and entertaining content. Use calls to action and bio to underline what your blog is about, so users see at once what they are dealing with.

Original content is hard to produce all the time, knowing the level of competition nowadays. So it will be ok to dilute your materials with curated content, like memes! A good joke never hurts a blog, and it helps to connect with the public in a light atmosphere. Encourage your followers to create content too – this is great fun for your fans and a positive sign for potential followers.

Exploit All Formats

For better reach – take all Instagram has to offer. This platform has enough options to fulfill the wildest dreams of a blogger:

  • Feed posts
  • Stories

  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • Live streaming

All these are targeted on receiving as much engagement as possible, making it fun and interesting for all people. Research what your target group loves most, and focus on it. But do not forget to upload content of all other formats regularly, so your profile is complete.

And important note: story highlights are to collect the most engaging and dear moments, not everything you have ever posted on Instagram.

Write Different Captions

Instagram is a visual app that appreciates photos and videos most, but it doesn’t mean you should neglect the opportunity to write texts here. Through texts, you can complete your storytelling, for the sake of improving relations with the audience. Besides, in the text you can uncover your originality at the fullest. Also, captions can help you to express your feelings and inspiration for the photos and videos you make, and encourage your followers to write comments. Brands can also place specific information that is interesting to all their followers, like product size, price, etc.


Getting more followers on Instagram is a process that has no end. But for truly effective growth in this platform, you must focus on the quality of your followers, rather than on the quantity of them. In terms of promotion strategy, it is more effective to have less followers who are showing constant activity on your account.

Engage with them and always care for what they tell you, and alter your strategy accordingly. However, remember that this is your account, hence there is no way you should change your true personality. It is impossible to be loved by absolutely everyone, so concentrate on the folks who appreciate you as you are.

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