Rejuvenation Gift Cards For The Failing Community Manager

Social networking has had its share of plagues through the years. Hackers, spammers and bots are a few of the ill-fated trouble makers. Recently we have seen a huge increase in offers that promise to sell you thousands of followers, likes or views in return of your hard-earned cash. Most of them are of course scams, and they usually just sell you fake accounts which they have control over. There are some services out there that actually allow you to be seen by a huge number of social networkers, and through that, enable you to gain more influence and traction. However, most services aren’t practicing this trade ethically. Maybe that is why Golem13 decided to put together a set of fake rejuvenation gift cards.

It’s a brilliant and creative way to mock the scammers who try to make money off of your urge to find shortcuts to success. This set of rejuvenation gift cards span from Facebook to Pinterest (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram), and they set the mood and awareness which remind us not to fall for these kind of offers. Some of you might not know what a rejuvenation gift card is, so maybe it’s time to explain.

For example, there are services on the Internet that promise you thousands more fans on your Facebook account for a set amount of money. Sure, you will get your fans, but they won’t interact and will definitely not benefit your following or influence. But as said before, there are some businesses out there that offer these kind of services in a legit way, so we shouldn’t draw the conclusion that all of them are scams. However, the best way is always to build a following based on your own actions. That way, you will know that your following will always interact, engage and appreciate what you have to share. Presence is everything when it comes to social networking, never forget that. Thank you Golem13 for this brilliant set of rejuvenation gift card designs. They should put a smile on anyone’s face who has tried to find success the right way. These fake rejuvenation gift cards would make for a brilliant gift for any failing community manager as a joke.

 Golem13’s Fake Rejuvenation Gift Card Designsrejuvenation-gift-card-design




Via: [Golem13]