The 3 Fastest Rising Sub-Genres Of Selfies [Infographic]

Seems we can’t escape the madness that is the selfie nowadays. From Obama’s own selfie experience, to even the act of selfies being taken at funerals. Everywhere you look, people are taking them. The sudden rise of internet self-obsession has hit a high point, and 2013 has proven to be the year when digital narcissism took over the web. Yeah, even the word ‘Selfie’ made it into the Oxford Dictionaries by beating it’s competitor “Twerk”.

Admit it, we all cave every once in a while to participate in taking a picture of oneself. Just in case you were getting sick of using or hearing the word ‘Selfie’ after these past few weeks, fear not! There are plenty of other variations of the term that you can use in place of this word.

From the selfies trend, sub-genres of the term have spawned. That of which includes ‘Belfies’ (which are self-taken photos of bottoms) and, as mentioned about, funeral selfies. This infographic appropriately titled The Spawn Of Selfies, created by Two Little Fleas, explores these sub-genres. Turns out, there has been a 150% increase in internet searches for the term ‘Belfie’ in the past month. They believe full credit should be given to Kim Kardashian for this trend, but there are many other celebrities who’ve contributed to the sharing of belfies as of late. Nowadays you will have to look hard and long to even find the person who managed to coin these phrases.

But, there’s hope for humanity. The trend of taking a picture in front of a bookshelf (also known as a ‘Bookshelfie’) was almost a trend in August, when the site was created. Perhaps 2014 will be a year of more classy, sophisticated selfies? Never before have we seen so many new terms for pictures taken of ourselves and as always, we can thank the innovation and progressions of technology for that. Do you know of any other words that have become popular lately except the trend of finding new ways to explain a picture taken of oneself? Don’t hesitate in adding it to the comment section below.

How The Word Selfie Is Becoming A Culture Phenomenon

infographic on sub-genres of selfies

The Rise Of The Selfie

Header Image: [The Guardian]