Rise Of Selfies: How Selfies Are Impacting Social Media [Infographic]

If you are active in social media, there is a good chance you’ve taken a few selfies and posted them. One of the things that makes a selfie so much fun is watching the likes and comments roll in after you post it. For a lot of people, receiving a lot of likes, retweets, comments, repins or any other social media engagement as a result of their selfie can make them feel loved. Well, of course that sets off the red flags for psychologists, and suddenly we all have disorders of some sort.

Regardless of your opinion of selfies, they are wildly popular in social media. Some people are more skilled at taking them than others, and sometimes they actually look like works of art. I’m not talking about the ones with someone holding up their shirt to expose their nakedness or other narcissistic behavior, I’m talking about the artful ones with creative lighting and angles.

I think the reason people like to see selfies in their social media stream is because those pictures are raw and intimate. They are much more personal than a regular picture, and they can bridge the distance to create a bond between people. Just think about all the celebrities who have mastered the art of taking good selfies, and you’ll see their fan base loves them.

This infographic called The Selfie Phenomenon was created with the findings of a selfie study conducted by Opinium on behalf of the HTC One. They surveyed 2,005 UK adults over the age of 18. That’s not a large enough sampling to make generalizations, but it’s a start. There are quite a few statistics on here that are interesting to learn. For example, did you know there are more selfies shared on Twitter than Instagram? What’s not surprising is that more selfies are shared on Facebook than any other social networking site. Enjoy!

The Rise Of Selfies


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