Save Time: 7 Simple Steps To Online Efficiency [Infographic]

With as much as we all try to accomplish online these days, optimizing our tasks and workflow will not only save time, but it’s become a necessity to stay competitive. Obviously this applies to social media since there are so many social networks we all battle to maintain a presence on, but this goes far beyond Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Learning ways to become more efficient can impact everything we do online in a significant way, and not just the things we think are important.

For example, take something as simple as blogging. If you’ve made the decision to update your blog more frequently this year, but you still struggle to get one post published each week, perhaps all you need is some efficiency. You need a way to save time. This is a particular area that is very relevant to us here at Bit Rebels. Richard and I have doubled the number of articles we each write Monday – Friday in 2013, yet we haven’t added any more resources.

The way we are able to make that work is by finding ways to save time here and there. Whether it’s an SEO ritual that we have memorized, browser shortcuts that save a few seconds or ways to adjust images without actually opening Photoshop, there are tons of ways that could help you publish more posts on your own blog.

All you have to do is become more efficient and save time. This particular example I’ve given applies to blogging, but as I mentioned, optimizing your time online and streamlining your tasks will help you with every single thing you do on the Internet.

This infographic called 7 Simple Steps To Online Efficiency by the creators of the book called Zero To Social Media FILM Star (on Amazon) goes through 7 ways you can start becoming more efficient online. Keep in mind, learning how to save time here and there isn’t just as easy as reading one infographic. It’s a constant learning process, and it involves a never-ending journey of making small changes each day. Good luck!

Save Time, Optimize & Get Your Life Back

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Via: [Social Media Today] [Sarah Arrow] Header Image: [Building Bridges For Business]