Simple Guide To Advanced Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

As a brand, you have most likely been pondering what the best way would be for you to reach new customers with your products. It’s not always the easiest of things for a brand to get traction and find new ways to promote what they have for the masses. Advertising is of course the first thing you will think about. But where on earth would be the best way to advertise, and how much should you spend on it? How will you know it is a sound investment that will yield a good return? Advertising is as intricate or simple as you make it. If you want immediate results, you have to know what you are doing. For a beginner, that could be quite a task. Maybe this little simple guide will help you out.

There is probably a simple guide for every advertising spot you could ever think of on the Internet. The thing is, are the advertising options available any good? If you look at it from this perspective, there is not a response more valuable than immediate interaction and replies, right? If you look at that statement alone then Facebook appears to be a good place to advertise. But how do you know without a simple guide?

No worries! There is a way for you to familiarize yourself with the different ways you can advertise on Facebook, and know that what you are doing is going to yield some results. The thing with advertising is that there are two types of Facebook advertisers out there, and neither one is easy to comprehend without a simple guide. First, we have the “pageview trackers.” These people are all about the immediate effect of their advertising campaign. Every pageview counts, and so do their earnings, naturally. Then we have the long term advertisers. These are the ones who are way more strategic when they invest in their advertising.

The latter may be the most successful of the two. Why? Because they are not bound or limited to a deadline. Their investment is purely to build brand awareness among people who in time will come to love their products. This particular strategy is proven to be way more effective (long term), and it’s built way more big brands than the first option. I could go further into statistics, and we could of course start a huge discussion about strategies, which I love, but this article is about Facebook advertising and where to find a simple guide for it.

It so happens that BKVsocial put together a really nice and effective infographic (design by Matt Martin), called A Guide To Facebook Ads, which is all about the different advertising options. It says that after having studied it, it will “calm the confusion and provide insight to make you savvy enough to hold your own when discussing the current state of Facebook advertising.

This simple guide will give you the knowledge you need to master Facebook as an advertising and promotional option. Always remember that a long term investment which builds up your brand awareness in people’s minds is much better than counting products sold compared to your investment. Of course that matters too, but as far as brand awareness goes, there is little that will match a good long term campaign. It will all come back to you if you can hold out and keep investing without forcing your products on people. Advertising always works, but maybe not always in the way you envisioned it to.

Mastering Facebook Ads Through This Simple Guide

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