3 Ways To Make Your Social Media Campaign Better-Rounded

Social media has become the ultimate tool for businesses trying to market themselves. Even individual people who are looking to become known by a larger portion of the population, either on a national or local level, have found that a social media campaign is the way to do it. It’s much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing or advertising, and it’s proven to be even more effective in some cases than those older methods.

Yet for all its potential, social media is only effective as the campaign that’s set up to utilize it. [pullquote]Many individuals and business fail to maximize its potential impact because they only do the bare-bones minimum.[/pullquote] They might throw up a Facebook or Twitter page and post to it regularly, but they don’t explore other ways to make their brand more well-known through some social media roads less-traveled.

If you’re noticing a lack of impact from your social media efforts, the experienced professionals at Rantic can show you how to refine your outreach until it’s efficient and effective. In the meantime, here are some things to consider that will put a more well-rounded spin on your social media campaign.

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Go Beyond The Obvious

The main things that you need to understand are different demographics tending to favor specific social media outlets that cater to them. And many of these outlets are outside the main Facebook/Twitter axis upon which so many business and individual marketers rely. Maybe you’re a restaurant-owner looking to gather attention. Engaging customers on a reviews website may be the way to go. A business catering to high-end clientele might try out a social media site that attracts professionals with high incomes. That kind of specific social media campaign will help to bring in not just quantity but also quality customers, the ones who are most likely to buy what you’re selling.

Videos Stand Out

There’s a reason that you hear the term “viral video” far more often that you hear the term “viral social media post.” Video has the power to grab the hearts and minds of the people you’re trying to reach because of its immediacy and how it comes to life in ways that posted content simply can’t-do. So don’t just settle for the same old posts. Find a way to incorporate video into your campaign or you’ll fall way behind competitors who are already video-savvy.

Spokesperson Speaks

One of the easiest ways to define a brand, or at least have people recognize that brand immediately when they see it online, is to find just the right spokesperson to deliver your messages. It can be a celebrity if you can afford one; think local, if you can’t afford a national celebrity. Or it can be some sort of mascot or brand spokesperson that you’ve created, something clever that immediately lets people know who is speaking to them when they see it online. It will help you achieve brand recognition, which is so crucial to marketing.

So consider these tips when you start out your social media campaign. A well-rounded campaign can make the difference between a popular brand and one that’s dying on the vine.

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Ways To Make Your Social Media Campaign Better-Rounded

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