Social Media Engagement | A Priority For Brands!

We often come across the words “social media” in everything we read these days. You see the words splashed everywhere. Social media simply refers to engaging versus just talking. I am speaking here specifically of brands that are thinking of joining social media. I guess many people will agree with me when I reiterate that engagement is the key.

I found a presentation by Jurgen Appelo and he shared 5 ways that brands can truly be effective in creating  ways to communicate with their consumers. I agree with all his 5 points and would like to take the time to share them with you now based on experience that I have:

1. Listen – The only way we can actually know what our consumers are looking for is if we listen to what they say.  Most traditional brands have now gone the route of social media instead of just the traditional means (TV ads, print ads, radio ads) not that these medium should be altogether be forgotten.  Blending both social and traditional will help increase awareness but by going social media, brands have a way of getting to know what their consumers are saying about them. Sticking to the traditional formula limits your brand. It is just like saying, “I will do all the talking and you just stay put and listen.”

2. Speak – There is a way for you to speak with your consumers also as a brand but in this way, you will still have the chance to hear what they say, and that is via a blog. The blog may be your way of sharing valuable information that can help your consumer be more and do more.

3. Share – Share content that does not just focus on your brand, try to share information that can be advantageous to your consumers.  By sharing content in your field of expertise, consumers can now benefit more from you as well.  Example: Web designers and developers share different tutorials on how to make your sites user friendly and eye catching. Instead of just showcasing their works, they share concrete tips that they have experienced themselves.  By allowing you to comment and give feedback, they are also opening their door to your suggestions and your recommendations.

4. Lead – Be the active and just not the passive brand.  Lead the way for making sure that you make efforts to improve your brand and set the standards into which you know others can follow.

5.  Support – Have an effective customer response and feedback mechanism in place. Set up a customer service mechanism where people can readily and easily connect with you. This is one of the most important things you can ever do to make your customers feel important and believe me it will be something that will be worthwhile in the long run.

You can check out the the slide show below to see what other important details that you might need as a resource before you start on your journey on social media.

Social Media Engagement: A Helping Hand