Social Media Is Transforming Home Design Space [Infographic]

Social media is not only presenting us with new ways to connect with each other, it is also giving us new ways to become inspired, specifically for interior design purposes. From using Pinterest to gather images of home design inspiration from around the web, to services like Houzz and HomeMint which allow you to browse by a particular space or design style, the Internet is presenting us with many opportunities to find sources of inspiration to spruce up our living quarters.

As it was announced last April, Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site after Facebook & Twitter. This infographic, created by HSN Home Decor and appropriately titled How Social Media is Revolutionizing Home Decor, begins by discussing our use of inspiration boards to pin and collect images that represent the type of atmosphere we’d like to create in our own homes. You can’t talk about social media without discussing Facebook, so stats surrounding the home decor scene on this popular site are also visualized. What I found most interesting is that the site beat out popular brands such as Crate & Barrel and Dulux (paint) when it comes to the total number of Facebook fans.

While it can be argued that spending time on social media sites is not good for productivity, I tend to believe that those sites have at least bettered my ability to decorate my apartment. Okay, maybe that is just my sad excuse for spending so much time obsessing over organizing my pins into different room themes and DIY ideas. But I must brag that I have collected a good number of pins under my “Completed Projects” board. Do you use the Internet as a source of inspiration for things such as interior design? Let us know what other sites like Pinterest allow you to be inspired in the comments below.

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Via: [HSN Home Decor]