Marketing Guide For All Major Social Media Networks [Infographic]

Marketing has always been a difficult endeavor on social media platforms. It’s not the marketing itself that can be difficult, but rather getting any kind of decent results. The best results are always gained when a social media site is new and still popular amongst people. Popularity can be measured in a lot of different ways. For example, Facebook and Twitter are popular social media sites, but they are not fresh anymore which gives them somewhat of a different popularity rating. When Twitter was new, you could easily get 50%-75% clickthrough rate on your links, whereas today you only get a fraction of that. Clickthrough rates on Twitter today can be as low as less than 1%. So how do you go about this kind of marketing? This social media marketing guide might help you out.

Any company can vouch for the difficulties when it comes to social media marketing today, but you shouldn’t feel that it’s an effort all in vain. Every single clickthrough is a clickthrough gained, but the investment and return have to align in order for it to make financial sense. Sometimes when a company is planning their online marketing campaign, too much time is spent on the campaign itself instead of figuring out what social media service is best for the campaign. If you pick the right social media platform to launch your marketing campaign on, you can lower your costs significantly if you know what you’re doing. This in itself should require a marketing guide since most companies seem to need one.

Researching exactly which social networking service is best suited for your social media marketing campaign can require extensive research, but it’s not impossible. Knowing which social media service is going to generate the best return (depending on what your goals are) is a little bit easier. Thanks to a new infographic marketing guide compiled by, the job is pretty much already done.

This infographic called The CMO’s Guide To: The Social Landscape will tell you exactly what benefits and drawbacks each social networking platform has which makes it the perfect marketing guide and infinitely easier to know exactly what social media services to focus on depending on what kind of social media marketing campaign you have planned.

As you will quickly see, this marketing guide is divided up into several different categories, each with a rating of Good, OK or Bad. A clear pattern emerges which is somewhat interesting. The most popular social media platforms are the ones with the best possibilities to launch a successful social media marketing campaign on. Is that a coincidence? I hardly think so. It has more to do with the way people use these services than what the return is. Connecting with people is what it is all about, and with that comes clickthroughs, engagement and results. Hopefully you don’t need a marketing guide to understand that.

If you’re currently planning your social media marketing campaign, make sure you consult this infographic in order to know exactly what social media service to launch it on to bring in the best results. Research like this is invaluable for a company looking to make an impact, so don’t let it pass you by. Instead, use it to your advantage. Every free visitor, contact or customer is money saved. It’s an important lesson to learn, and one that will most likely make you end up on the top layer of companies that successfully launched their social media marketing campaign.

CMO’s Invaluable Social Media Marketing Guide

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