Improve Your Website SEO With Social Media Optimization [Infographic]

We’ve written a lot about SEO on Bit Rebels. We’ve written about it so much that if you have no experience in it at all, you could probably learn all you need to know about it to make a difference in your website’s traffic by just reading the articles we’ve already published. However, have you ever thought about optimizing your social media accounts? Social media is the most important aspect in SEO today, and this article is all about social media optimization.

If you are stumped on what I just typed about the fact that social media is the most important aspect in SEO today, just click over to the Updated SEO Ranking Factors. As you’ll see, Google+, Facebook, backlinks, Pinterest and tweets rank higher than any other SEO factor now. So, it only makes sense to learn about social media optimization.

If you would like to maximize the SEO on your website with social media, this infographic called How To Perform SEO On Your Website With Social Media by Social Marketing Writing is for you. This is a non-traditional looking infographic, and I appreciate the change. It’s informative and interesting to see how social media optimization can affect your website’s traffic.

To get even more detailed information about this, you can read Social Media Optimization For Your Business, which is an article that offers even more information about this. The thing is, with as many websites that are competing for popularity right now, it only makes sense to do as much as you can to increase your website’s visibility. Therefore, this is relevant, regardless of where your website is in its evolution.

This infographic explains the results of a recent study on this topic, and if you use this information to your advantage, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors. Improve your social media optimization, improve your social media presence, and improve your SEO… all at the same time.

Social Media Optimization


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