Top Social Media Stats Too Impressive To Overlook

There are social media stats presented to us on a daily basis, but many times they are “spiced up” to make the particular social media network in question look better than all the others. They are not exaggerated, they are just focused around the focal points that make some of their more complimentary statistics shine, while the ones that aren’t as great aren’t even represented. It’s of course a tactic that has been used for a long time, and every social networking service does it. I mean, why would you talk about your least favorable statistics, right? However, sometimes we are presented with a comparison of the top social networks, and from that, we are able to determine how they are really doing compared to each other. And, 2012’s social media stats are almost too impressive to overlook.

I am always a little confused when a social networking service has so many features that are hidden somewhere underneath the user interface itself, if that make sense. “Privacy controls” and features like that are ones every social networking user should pay attention to first. However, it turns out that as many as 25% of Facebook‘s users don’t even care about the privacy setting at all. That and other social media stats are a little bit concerning, to say the least.

And while we are talking about Facebook, we of course have to mention that as many as 350,000,000 of their users are down right addicted to the service. That’s no doubt good for Facebook, but it’s ultimately destructive for the people who are addicted to it. Social media and all the networking capabilities available on the Internet should be fun and progressive, not an addiction. You should use it to evolve yourself or your business, not use it to become a tool which the networking service itself uses to earn money.

In a fresh infographic from Go-Globe, we are treated to some rather mind-blowing social media stats from all of the top social networks, all compiled from data accumulated throughout 2012. It’s called, Social Media Statistics And Facts 2012, and it could possibly serve as your social media update for the year. Statistics are particularly good when you try to pinpoint the best network to be on as an individual or brand. Each one has its own intricacies, and knowing which site will yield the best result is of the utmost importance if you want to grow your following.

One of the most interesting social media stats on the entire infographic will have to go to Pinterest. It is stated on this infographic that as many as 97% of the Pinterest users are female. That’s a number that I don’t even think Pinterest could have foreseen in a million years. However, it is one of the most active and fastest growing social networking services available on the Internet, so it is not a bad thing. Besides, it seems females don’t share as much spam as males do, so Pinterest is probably really happy about that.

Have a closer look at all of these social media stats, and see if you are really on the right service in order to reach your goal, whatever that may be. Trying to master all of them is probably a waste of energy and your valuable time since it is virtually impossible. However, being present and engaging on a few can be the ultimate tool to present yourself or your brand to the masses. Just don’t become an addict to one of them. You will only become unbalanced and fall short of all of your goals.

Go-Globe’s Social Media Stats Update Infographic


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