Social Site for Artist and Art Lovers

Artween is a social network who invites all actors of the art world to exchange, discover, admire & express themselves around their common passion ART.  Here is a sample work Pianiste.

ARTWEEN will introduce you to an artistic cyber travel, visiting an artist studio at Beijing, strolling into galleries in Berlin just before enjoying a flute of champagne in a NY museum. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to primitive art, obsessed by contemporary art or have a keen interest in the Renaissance. Artists, Galleries, Museums, Foundations, Students, Amateurs, create your page, develop your network and imagine your experience. Join the tribe you desire!


To reply to your need and your curiosity, ARTWEEN has created some tools to enhance your search: Weenart : An index of all the registered artworks on Artween, or the creation of the first search engine of artworks. Artween TV : A web TV delivering the latest news and interviews of those who make art. Market Place : Shop on the art market. Exchange your art studio, find a job and choose you future art piece… All those have become possible thanks to ARTWEEN.