Social Stereotypes: Are You What You Share? [Infographic]

I personally think we could debate social media and networking for eons if we so desired. We could go on and on about what network is the best one, the most engaging one, the most popular one, etc. It would never really end. And with the constant stream of new and more efficient clones, it would be easy to say (and to predict) that we will never run out of social networking services to try. There is a common perception that you are what you tweet. If that is the case then I am definitely a geek. But there is also a new perception that says that you are what you share. Now, what does that really mean? Are we rapidly becoming social stereotypes judged by a few simple tweets or shares? In a way, yes.

The fast pace of social networking today is really that superficial. Users usually only give a profile a few seconds before they form their own opinion about the person who the profile belongs to. I couldn’t tell you how many times people have commented on my shares and how they love or hate them. The interesting thing is, most of them comment on my black background on my Twitter profile. Why? That is exactly the question I ask myself as well. It’s like they take for granted that I don’t know how to change it. What if I want to have a black background only to save electricity? Black requires 10%-25% less power to be displayed. I wish I could honestly say that that was the reason why I chose that color, but the real reason is just because I think it looks cleaner. That’s basically it.

If we look at the social stereotypes available to us today, we quickly realize that it will take us a long time to pin down every single one of them, especially with so many social networking services available to us. Social stereotypes can co-exist on the same social network which makes them even harder to list. But what if we just went with the most popular ones? Would we be able to compile a list then?

Thanks to Wix, we are now able to check out their stats compared to each other in something that mimics a college yearbook. Say what? Yeah, that’s how I reacted when I first read it also. To me, it is just another great and informative infographic that will enable me to further evaluate the networks I use. I don’t know whether or not I belong to one of these social stereotypes. Maybe it’s not for me to decide whether I am actually a social stereotype at all.

Wix compiled this infographic called Social Stereotypes: You Are What You Share, and it will average out the typical social stereotype for each popular networking service. Myspace even got a mention his time around. It’s an interesting addition since they had their relaunch not too long ago. I keep wondering if they will manage to bring back the cool, or if they are just coming up to the surface for one last breath. Either way, which networks do you belong to? Are you a social stereotype, and do the statistics match your performance on your favorite social network?

Wix’s Average Social Stereotypes Infographic

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Via: [Love Infographics]