StickyGram: Instagram Magnets Add Personality To Your Fridge

It’s been a big week for Instagram! First, their Android app was downloaded over a million times in the first 24 hours of its release. Then, yesterday Mark Zuckerberg announced on his timeline that Facebook plans to acquire Instagram. It will be the largest Facebook purchase thus far, and it will cost around a billion dollars in cash and shares. With all this happening in the Instagram world, what’s could possibly come about next? This free photo app that many people use everyday definitely seems unstoppable, and it’s inspiring and refreshing to see their massive success.

I remember back in 2010 when almost nobody knew what Instagram was. I learned about it on Twitter very soon after it launched. What those 13 people have been able to accomplish in two years is definitely something worth celebrating! In lieu of all their recent success, I wanted to write something today related to Instagram. After considering many options, I finally decided on StickyGram.

If you’ve never tried StickyGram, you are going to love this! StickyGram is a service that turns your Instagram photographs into little magnets. They ship all over the world for free, and if you’ve ever seen these magnets, you know the quality is exceptional. For $15, you can get 9 magnets of your favorite photos.

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Via: [Cool Material]