What Mark Zuckerberg Could Buy If He Sold His Share Of Facebook

If you are an Internet professional or a social media addict, you’ve probably thought about what it might be like to come up with the next social media site that is as successful as Facebook. What if it had been you that started Facebook instead of Mark Zuckerberg? What if the media was covering your IPO last week instead of his? What if you suddenly found yourself with a net worth in the billions? Have you ever thought about that before? Would you live your life differently? Would having more financial options change the way you fundamentally view the world?

Some people say that they would choose to keep their lifestyle the same. Other people say they would blow it out since you only live once. My own humble opinion is that people like Mark Zuckerberg and others who have created popular social media sites (and other sites we visit regularly) worked much harder for their success than most people realize. I remember when a reporter recently asked Pete Cashmore what it felt like to be an overnight success. Pete said something like, “It feels like a lot of hard work, day in and day out for years.”

With that being said, I don’t think those people would have worked that hard if they weren’t passionate about what they were doing. Although I’m sure the money is nice, I don’t think that is what drives people like Pete Cashmore, Mark Zuckerberg, the late Steve Jobs or any other iconic people I could add to this list.

However, just for the sake of a little fun, let’s dream a little. Have you ever wondered what Mark Zuckerberg could buy if he sold his Facebook shares? The people at fruggal did, and they created this infographic to show what some of his options would be. I can think of at least 25 other really good things I would add to this list. How about you? Just for good measure, I also included a chart below created by Adam Breckler called the Facebook Billionaires Club. So now the only question is, what would you want to buy if money was no object?

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