Sweet Tweet: A Bubblegum Reward For Adding Twitter Followers

You always hear everyone say that on Twitter, it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about how you engage and connect with the followers you do have. I agree with that perspective because a handful of meaningful social media friendships is much more valuable than tweeting to a bunch of strangers and bots, at least to me.

However, for one UK company, it’s all about the followers, well, sort of. Uniform’s research platform (ULAB) created a cuckoo clock that toots and dispenses a piece of bubblegum each time someone follows their company Twitter account (@uniformtweets).

I think this is such a creative idea! I also like it because it signifies that each person on Twitter who follows you is an individual. It’s easy to get caught up in getting hundreds of new followers without thinking about the fact that each person is a person (except for the bots of course). This way, each new follower is acknowledged in the Uniform office since everyone there participates in the fun.

According to Vimeo, someone at their office said, “We wanted to create a physical app that connected our studio to our Twitter followers, alerting us all each time we get a new follower.” If you’d like to see how they made this, just click over to Making of Sweet Tweet. I’m going to follow them right now. Enjoy the bubblegum from me ya’ll!

Reward For Adding Twitter Followers

Bubblegum Reward For Adding Followers

Via: [FastCoDesign]