Taking the Next Step with Twitter.

Twitter has brought together people, co-workers and communities. Alliances in work, beliefs, causes have raised awareness and money and given people opportunities in working globally with great people on awesome projects.  For the most its just been a great way to meet new friends.  But twitter has its limits, and sometimes 140 chars just doesn’t do it.

So the next step, you might be thinking is some crazy twitter service or some extensions that triples your message capacity, well although they might be something somewhere I am talking more about the relationships you have formed inside twitter.   How can you easily take the next step with friends or soon to be friends?   I would recommend Skype of course, as many of my twitter friends are now on my Skype lists – but sometimes you want something a little easier.

So without further delay I give to you, TinyChat.  You may have already seen and used this service, but if not its excellent for what it is.

Web based chat client, think of it almost like IRC fused with Skype or MSN Messenger.  You do not need to sign up for anything, all you need to do is create a room and off you go!  The chat is also able to hold multiple streaming video and audio, meaning you are able to I think have up to 12 live feeds in one room, and a heck of a lot of people in text chat.

TinyChat is an easy way to connect to friends you have not seen in a good few years, and connect with new people, even have group meetings!

So take that step, as AT&T used to say back in the 80’s – “Reach out and touch someone!”