Talent and Social Media – Meet This 12 Year Old Sensation!

I love to sing, but too bad I was not given the talent to sing well. Most of those who have heard me sing have told me to just concentrate on my designing. But kidding aside,  social media has brought us so much new singing talent. One example is  Colbie Caillat.

The popularity of Caillat’s MySpace profile led her to become the number-one unsigned singer in her genre for four consecutive months. Her debut single was “Bubbly” and peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Pop 100. “Bubbly” also reached #58 on the UK Singles Chart in September 2008 after 11 months in the chart. Her two other singles followed, “Realize” (#20, Hot 100) and “The Little Things” (#94, Pop 100).

Now there is the new kid on the block, his name is Greyson Chance. He was invited by Ellen to be a guest on The Ellen Show. I love the interview. The kid is not only very talented, but very funny too. I just love his reaction when Lady Gaga herself called up the show to wish Greyson well. You will love the advice Lady Gaga gives him.

Greyson is only 12, and he sang the song Paparazzi at his school and uploaded it onto YouTube and his FaceBook account. Now the video has more than 15M (at time of post) views. I think if you have the talent, why not? So for aspiring singers or dancers out there, why not showcase your talent on social media? You can check out some of his other songs on his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/GreysonMichaelMusic.

The 12 year old web sensation, Greyson Chance, was invited to perform his cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi on The Ellen Show.