The Evolution Of Social Gaming [Infographic]

When we talk about social media as it relates to business, we probably all think about social networking and how it will most likely increase the productivity and the success of pretty much any company you can think of. However, social media is so much more than just networking and getting customers to find your products. There is a whole area that pretty much everyone who is using Facebook for example has either tried or is being exposed to each and every time we are logged in. I am of course talking about social gaming. It’s a huge industry, and it’s not uncommon that gaming companies desert their main game developing areas for computers and consoles in order to solely create games that will be made available through social media.

These games are entirely online and can be played on pretty much any device whenever you have the urge to. There are many reasons why this has become such a huge industry, but the main one is availability. The guys over at Rounds have been researching a lot around the social networking gaming industry, and they created a truly awesome and informative infographic about the evolution of social gaming.

It will take you from the early stages of gaming in 1972 to today’s billion dollar gaming industry, and all within this infographic. One of the most successful social media games is of course FarmVille, but there are countless of other games that are bagging money by the boatload. If you have ever played a social game, you know exactly how addictive those games are. That is exactly why social gaming is such a huge industry. What would you say are the most addictive social games and why do you think you keep playing them?

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The Evolution Of Social Gaming

Via: [Walyou]