The Importance Of Internet Real-Time Compression [Infographic]

We have touched on this subject before a couple of times, but it’s really important to dig deeper into it. The Internet is changing rapidly, and sometimes the changes are implemented on a daily basis. I don’t mean the design changes for a small site or a new feature added on another. I mean when changes are made to a large network of websites. Even a huge service like Facebook can have complex repercussions that need attending to in order for the service to stay up and maintain its same smooth operation.

With this, I of course mean the amount of data being transferred from user to server. The Internet is growing like never before, and with the amount of data being transferred, images getting larger and videos going high definition, it’s important to stay on top of the storing possibilities as well. Just increasing the quality of images, sound and video isn’t enough in my opinion. You have to make sure the storage capabilities are there as well. However, with that comes another level of importance.

Google and other search engines are upping their game by adding real-time search. For them to be able to dig through the data that is being submitted and posted on each and every website on the Internet, they need to come up with smart solutions that solve the problem of large data.

The solution to that is of course the compression of data. This is the one most important change the Internet is going through right now. This is especially important now when everything is supposed to be in the “cloud.” Infographic World put together a really informative infographic that should shed some light on the changes the Internet is going through each day. Instead of trying to lower the quality of your uploads, instead try finding a service that helps you compress your data yet still in the same quality you want it to be. The Internet isn’t here for us to make our lives look low res, it’s here to show it off in full high definition. So get going and compress your data because tomorrow everyone will be doing it. Be the first. Always be the first!

Important Real-Time Internet Compression InfographicImportant Real-Time Internet Compression InfographicImportant Real-Time Internet Compression Infographic