The Magic Cheezburger 8-Ball Has All The Answers!

This is so friggin ridiculous that I have to have one. Remember the magic 8-balls our parents used to play with in the old days? They are black and you shake them up and then read the answers. Actually, I think they still sell them, I saw some at the toy store a few weeks ago.

This is an 8-ball with a new twist. It’s something sure to appeal to our generation. It’s the Magic Cheezburger 8-ball! This little ball of wonder will answer all the difficult questions in life like, “Do I really suck at Twitter?” “Did she hear me fart?” and “Will I ever find my remote?”

The poor English in the answers was the final selling point for me. Omg, this sh*t is so funny. After all, it’s being marketed as the “decision-making-device of the future.” You can get your own little ball of nom nom magic right here for the bargain price of $19.

[via Eat Me Daily]