The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

It’s always good to know what outlets you should be using in order to get your message out. However, right when you think you have mastered the trade of marketing, you will find that something new comes along and throws all your knowledge out the window. This is a fast paced technology landscape we’re living in, and keeping up with the latest trends and features is anything but easy. The only way to really be able to keep up is to try out all the new stuff and see what the uses are and how they affect your marketing. Marketing is quite a broad word though. It not only involves advertising and getting the word out, but it can also involve building a larger user base or just getting more people to like what you do.

As mentioned, it’s not easy to always know what social media service to use if you are a small business with a lot hanging on the line, for example. You have to be super dedicated, and to some extent, know at least where to start. That alone can be really hard if you have never touched a social networking service before. I guess that’s why Flowtown (in collaboration with ColumnFive) put together this really useful Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet.

I am quite amazed how easily they have managed to make the whole social media ecosystem a whole lot easier to understand. With this cheat sheet, you will definitely be able to pinpoint the services that you want and should be using. Everything from what the services are all about to what certain social networking terms mean is represented. If you are a novice in the social media world, just print this thing out, hang it on the wall, and keep being dedicated. Without dedication, you will find that pretty much everything will slip out of your hands. There are of course hundreds, if not thousands, of different guides and tutorials out there, but the one you should be following the most is your own personality. What makes you connect and what inspires you? Those two questions alone will take you a long way when deciding just what social networks to focus on. Happy socializing!

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