The Truth about Facebook | Scared Yet?

It has been an ongoing debate now for over 3 years. What exactly is Facebook and what are they doing behind the scenes that we don’t know about? How are they using the information we so willingly put up on their server without any kind of ownership after we’ve saved our changes and additions? Are they using us for businesses we don’t even know exist or what is the deal?

It is quite clear when reading the EULA that something isn’t right. Why do we need to accept the conditions to give up the rights of our images that we upload? It can’t be to be able to show them on our personal profile pages as that would have been an entirely different clause to begin with. It is easy to understand that a lot of people, when they eventually found out that they gave up the rights for their stuff, started freaking out. But is there a reason to freak out about the EULA of Facebook or is it just an exaggeration brought upon us by the media?

Well, it so much depends on from what angle you look at it. There are so many things that we don’t know is going on behind the scenes of all of the major and leading social media services. Twitter, Myspace and Facebook collectively have the most complete database of statistics making even the government look like a beginner in comparison. We can be sure that these social media services make good money trading this information and I guess we can be sure the government is tapping in to it from time to time as well.

So, should we be scared yet? Well, watch this clip from 2007 and decide for yourself. Are you closing down your Facebook page yet? Oh, if you didn’t know already, you can’t. Facebook never lets you delete your stuff if you have once uploaded something. They just close it publicly and whenever you feel like you want to open it up again you just have to log in. It’s that weird. So, are you scared yet?