The way Social Media is explained is WRONG

After a couple of days of pondering what Social Media really is all about I set out on a quest to find the easiest way to describe it. I know there are countless of blog posts and articles out there that really tried their best to deal with this question. Each and everyone has their own answer. But, it’s way more simple than that. Usually people tend to think it’s all about business opportunities and promotion. But it’s not. I will go out on a limb here and tell you that you are entirely wrong. To describe it in as few words as possible, and I think I finally found the shortest way to explain it.

Social Media = Listen & Respond

Our need to find complicated and elusive answers to simple questions is really mind boggling sometimes. Why should it always be so hard to explain what Social Media is really all about? Well, maybe it’s just the mere fact that everyone tries to have their stab at it. We have a saying here in Sweden that says (directly translated) “The more chefs, the worse soup” and I think that is just what it’s all about.

Yeah I know what you are thinking right now. I am yet another voice in the clout trying to make an impact and to influence you with my wits and ideas. But I can assure you that I am not. I am probably as novice as you are but possibly with a different mindset that always makes me want the simple version before the long and ultimately boring version. After all, Bit Rebels is all about short bursts of awesomeness, right?

Now, I can not take credit (which I wish I really could) for this short way of describing Social Media in the shortest way possible. I just happened to stumble over this really informative, quick and clout free YouTube clip that really opened my eyes to what Social Media is all about.

Check the clip out and see for yourself. I’m signing off and there are  just two words that i want to say: Listen & Respond